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In 2013, HPA established an Educational Technology Committee to explore current best practices in schools with regard to how, when, and why students use devices to enhance their learning. Based on their extensive research, our educational team decided that HPA will become a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school for grades 6-12 beginning August 2016. The school made its formal announcement about this new initiative on December 4, 2015.

Work already has begun to prepare us for this transition, including the 2013 adoption of Haiku, a learning management system. Our teachers have been participating in professional development, we are expanding our digital bandwith and are improving wireless infrastructure at both campuses to support student connectivity, and we are hiring a full-time K-8 educational technologist to support our Information Technology staff.

Here is what you need to know to ensure your child is ready for BYOD this fall:

What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows students to bring their personal tablets and laptops from home and use them for education applications in the classroom.

What will my child need for BYOD?

The device must meet all of the following requirements:

User Minimum Expectations

Before the first day of school, students should be able to use their device to get on their Internet browser and access the Haiku learning management system (LMS) or Google App Suite. They should also know how to take screenshots, photos, and videos on their device. The device should be fully charged at the beginning of each school day, and it is recommended, that the power cord be available if needed during the school day.


Devices that meet the specific device requirements in the table below will function with HPA’s essential educational and communication software systems. In some cases, students will need to spend a small amount of money on software, though we recommend the use of free software/apps (Gmail, Google Drive, Haiku LMS, etc.) and open-source software when possible.


We strongly recommend that students purchase an extended warranty for their device at the time of purchase. Students can bring their device to the HPA Information Technology Department (IT) for initial diagnosis in the event of malfunction. If the problem can be easily fixed within 15 minutes, the IT staff will do so. If not, students will be provided with a loaner device for no longer than two weeks and the student/family are responsible for the repair or replacement of the device. Just like textbooks, notebooks, and other tools for learning, the student owns and is ultimately responsible for the upkeep and usefulness of the device.

Specific Device Requirements

Additional Recommendations

Is financial assistance available for my childʻs device?

New and current families receiving financial aid are eligible for a one-time tuition credit toward the purchase of a studentʻs device. Families will need to request the credit based on purchase. Credit amounts will range from $150 to $300 depending on the level of need. The cost of a Chromebook (an acceptable device under our criteria) and a protective case currently is less than $300.

If I have several children in the BYOD program, will all receive assistance if they are receiving financial aid?

Yes. Families with multiple children receiving financial aid are eligible for device assistance for all children.

How do I obtain financial assistance for my childʻs device?

Families receiving financial aid should send an e-mail with a copy of the device receipt attached to: In the e-mail please include the studentʻs name, the device purchased, and the cost of the purchased device. This information also can be mailed or faxed to the HPA Business Office (65-1692 Kohala Mountain Road; Kamuela, HI 96743; fax: 808-881-4071). A credit will be applied to your childʻs tuition balance.

Will HPA provide repair support for my childʻs device?

HPAʻs Information Technology (IT) team will provide assistance to students to ensure that they can connect to the schoolʻs network and run appropriate and necessary software.

IT will address issues that require minimal hardware “repair,” i.e., work that can be done in 15 minutes or less. When more extensive work is required, IT will provide students with information on where devices can be taken for repair. IT will assist boarding students in getting their devices to a service center for repair, if necessary.

Will my child need to register his/her device for security purposes?

Yes. Registration will occur automatically the first time your child logs in to the schoolʻs network.

Will my child be required to update/replace his/her device? If so, how often?

We anticipate the replacement schedule for your childʻs device to vary, possibly every three to four years.

Will all of my childʻs textbooks be electronic?

No. In the first year of the program, your child will continue to purchase textbooks through our official virtual bookstore, MBS Direct, or other online source.

If a class already is using an online textbook, this might be an option from MBS Direct.

For more information, please contact:

Martin Ferrell, dean of academics (

Midge Jambor, K-8 principal (

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