Andrew Kelsey's Top Ten List for Applying to College


Learn to love calendars, deadlines, and Naviance/Family Connection. If you're organized, this whole process will be a blast. If you're not, get ready to spend time in one of the outer rings of hell.


Be kind to your parents and college counselors. We're going to stay with you for the whole show. This means we soak up the stress, take a punch or two in the face, and pay the bills, but in the end we don't even get to go to college. If you give it some thought, it really is quite unfair.


Begin by staring at your belly button, but don't become fixated on it. You should know what makes you tick and meditate on creating a plan, but when those deadlines say go, it is time to take action.


Make the most of HPA and be a good kid. By making a strong effort and keeping a positive attitude you are putting yourself in an excellent position for applying to college.


Visit a number of college campuses to get an idea of what all the fuss is about. After you find a school that "matches" you, College Counseling will help you identify similar schools.


Apply game theory (rather than chaos theory) to the college admissions process. If you can have fun going through this grueling process you pretty much have life licked.


Even if you are perfect, and you are, Stanford has only 2,000 beds for freshmen and 30,000 kids want to spend the night.


Don't start doing community service in your senior year to improve your chances of getting into college. That would be superficial and crass (and a bit too late). Leave community service to the people who actually do it for the right reasons.


The challenges of college admissions will test you to take short cuts, bend rules, and play loose with the truth. Don't do it. You are better than that.


Remember this marvelous process is actually your initiation into adulthood. It is your rite of passage. Don't let your parents, counselors, or friends do it for you.

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