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Health Services

The Health Services Department works to improve each student’s health by providing the following

  • Administration of first aid; treating minor medical problems, e.g. cuts and bruises;
  • Counseling and referral for social, emotional, and physical problems;
  • Monitoring diseases to control their spread;
  • Working with the Department of Health to provide screening services;
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy school environment;
  • Teaching health-related topics such as nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs (ATOD), sexuality, including human reproduction, and interpersonal relationships.

The Hawai‘i State Department of Health requires accurate and complete medical records for school attendance. These records also are necessary to give your child good medical care. The school doctors and nurses use three forms: the Student Health Record, Physical Examination form, and the Dental Examination form. These forms must be completed and returned to the school by June 15 so they can be processed and on file by the time the student arrives at school. Students who do not have current health records on file will not be allowed to register for classes. Parents of a new student should contact their child’s previous school and have all health records forwarded to the Health Services Department at HPA.

At the Village Campus

The K-8 infirmary is located in the Village Campus administration building and is open every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

At the Upper School

The HPA Health Services Department believes that healthy students are best equipped to benefit from any learning opportunities. The health staff promotes the health of students by providing health and counseling services and by working with the administration, faculty, and staff to ensure a healthy school environment. Students with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of their health are encouraged to visit the health center at any time to speak with the nurse on duty.

Health Center

Nurses on duty provide health care and counseling and make referrals as needed. There always is a nurse on call whenever the Health Services Department is closed. As an additional precaution, all dorm faculty members are trained to deal with minor illnesses and injuries. The health center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to noon when school is in session.


Students who become ill or injured while on campus should report to the health center immediately. If a nurse is unavailable, the student should contact the Upper School Office (ext. 4002) or the nearest faculty member. If a day student becomes ill during the school day and wishes to go home, the nurse will require permission from a parent or guardian before the student will be allowed to leave campus. All students must report to the health center when they are too ill to attend sports.

Boarders who are ill and wish to be seen by a physician should report to the health center between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. The nurse on duty will determine whether a student should see a doctor. In an emergency, the student will be taken immediately to the doctor or to the emergency room. If a student is too ill to leave the dorm room, he/she should contact the health center (ext. 4022) through the dorm head or faculty member on duty so a dorm visit can be arranged with the nurse. A student will not receive a medical excuse from class, sports, or other required activity unless he/she has seen or spoken to the nurse. Absence without a medical excuse from the nurse is considered a cut.

For a Request for Exemption from Immunization on Religious Grounds form please click here.

Health Appointments and Transportation

Many of our students have their own family physicians and we encourage them to continue to schedule appointments with them as needed. As a convenience to our students who might not have a local physician, or for those students who are unable to travel off campus during the school day, HPA works with Waimea pediatrician Dr. Virginia Hatch-Pigott. Dr. Hatch-Pigott offers clinics for HPA students several times per week and by appointment, or as needed, on Fridays. Appointments can be scheduled for illness, general health maintenance, and HPA physicals by calling the HPA Infirmary at 808-881-4022 during regular office hours, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Students are urged to complete routine dental work, eye examinations, and any procedures requiring lengthy appointments, e.g. application of braces and tooth extractions, during vacation periods in order to minimize school absences. If a health appointment must be scheduled during the school day, the student is required to bring a health provider’s note to the nurse upon his/her return to school. Students leaving campus for health appointments need to sign out and sign back in at the health center.

Boarding Students: The Health Services Department works with the health providers in the area to schedule appointments when they are needed and at times that will minimize the negative impact on the student’s academic schedule and the nurses’ work schedule. We ask that parents of boarding students allow the nursing staff to schedule any health appointments.

The nursing staff will provide transportation to health appointments for boarding students. When necessary, transportation to health appointments outside of Waimea will be arranged and a transportation fee of up to $90 will be charged. In some instances when a nursing staff member is not available to drive, the student may need to use a taxi service. To avoid prolonged class absences and extra charges, we strongly urge students to use the services of health providers located in Waimea.

Counseling Appointments

Nurses are available to speak to students about health or other concerns. Nurses also can make referrals to the counselor or other health providers. Students may contact the school counselor directly (ext. 4038).


Non-prescription medications such as Tylenol and Tums will be administered as deemed appropriate by the nurse or other HPA staff.

Day Students: Day students taking controlled and/or psychoactive medications will have their medication administered by health staff. Parents/guardians of day students who take medications on a daily basis may have the health services staff administer medication to their child or allow their child to self-administer his/her medication. The following requirements and guidelines pertain to day students taking medications:

A completed “Request for Administration/Storage of Medication” form must be on file. This form can be obtained from the Health Services Department or downloaded from the HPA Web site (

Students who self-administer their medications must complete the “Self-Administration” form and may only bring a one-day dose to school each day. This form can be obtained from the Health Services Department or downloaded from the HPA Web site (

Injectable medications and supplies will be stored in the health center and administered there.

Students are not to give any medications to another student. Disciplinary action is warranted should this occur.

If a day student will be self-administering his/her own controlled and/or psychoactive medications, the Request for Self-Administration of Medication form must include a waiver signed by parents/guardians stating the parents/guardians are responsible for making sure that their child properly stores and self-administers his/her medication.

Boarding Students: Parents/guardians of boarding students who take non-prescription or prescription medications on a regular basis are required to inform the school health staff. A student taking a prescription medication on a regular basis is required to have in his/her health file an evaluation by a physician, which provides a diagnosis, the name of the medication, and a treatment plan. Any changes in medication or dosage must be ordered by a physician.

A permission form signed by the student’s parent or guardian authorizing the administration of medication by school staff. Forms can be obtained from the Health Services Department. Controlled and/or psychoactive medications must be administered by the nurses or designated school staff. In accordance with standard nursing practice, the school nurse may refuse to administer any medication, which, based upon her assessment and professional judgment has the potential to be harmful, dangerous, or is inappropriate until the prescribing physician has been consulted. The school nurse also will communicate significant observations regarding medication effectiveness and adverse effects to the prescribing physician and parents/guardians.

Eye Care

If your boarding child wears contact lenses or glasses, it is recommended that he/she bring an extra pair to school in case of breakage or loss. Please include a copy of his/her prescription with the health forms. If your child needs glasses for sports, please be sure he/she has an appropriate pair to wear.

Overnight Nursing Care

On occasion, a boarding student may need to remain in the infirmary overnight. A $95 per night fee will be charged to the student’s account to help cover the cost of hiring a night nurse.

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