Welcome to Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy

Thank you for your visit to our school. As I invite you to explore our website, discovering many of

the facets that make up this gem in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I also hope that you will visit or return to us for a visit in person so that we can get to know each other better. While HPA is known for the things that make us unique, you will find much in common with great schools around the globe:

  • Strong, supportive relationships with faculty members and coaches who live for the moments when you grow and become stronger through overcoming challenges and bursting beyond imagined limitations
  • A wide variety of excellent academic programs with opportunities for independent study options that will allow you to find and stretch your wings
  • A close-knit peer community built on mutual trust and shared experiences that will cheer you on as you begin to settle for nothing less than personal excellence in the classroom, studio, athletic arena, and on the stage.

But, our differences make all the difference. Nowhere else will you be able to experience all of the above, and more, in an environment this diverse, and in a community that will challenge and help empower you like we will. We blend these basic ingredients into a shared, often-magical journey of life, work and play in surroundings of otherworldly beauty. As you will learn from exploring this site, our island is home to a surprising, unique, and accessible world of landscapes, climates, cultures, and communities, providing tailor-made opportunities for you to discover passions that will inspire you for a lifetime. Our windy perch in Waimea’s ranching country, a 2,500-foot saddle between the Kohala Mountains and majestic Mauna Kea, forces us to become deeply rooted in sustaining values, while giving us the opportunity to see what Hawai‘i Island and the world beyond has to offer and build it into your experience.

Our island is a special place, and we embrace our cultural and physical environments. Coming to HPA means developing an independent spirit, and becoming ready as a student and a family to discover adventures that wait beyond the beaten path. I invite you to reach out, find out, and share the adventure.

Patrick J. Phillips
Head of School

A drone tour of HPA's Upper Campus.
Video envisioned, directed, and produced by HPA students.

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