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HPA Sports Awards Recipients Announced

HPA coaches recently honored this school year's outstanding student athletes. Student receiving awards were:

ATHLETES OF THE YEAR: Taylor Doherty and Braden Kojima.

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL: Madi Lee, Most Valuable; Jazzy Buerano, Coach's Award; Tess Savage, Most Improved.

BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: Ilan Naibryf and Javan Perez, Most Valuable; Tristan Sienkiewicz, Malcolm Davis, and Jason Lee, Coach's Award; Skyler Roque-Sunahara, Jonah Hurney, and Luis Madrid, Most Improved.

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: Sabrina Marvin, Most Valuable; Natalie Klett, Coach's Award; Zoë McGinnis, Most Improved.

FOOTBALL: Finn Richmond, Offensive Back Award; Dane Francis, Offensive Lineman Award; Jevon Flippin, Defensive Back Award; Sean Donnelly, Defensive Lineman Award; Alex Winters, Most Improved; Noah Wise, Holi Bergin Award.

BOYS PADDLING: Etera Teururai, Most Valuable; John Farrell, Coachʻs Award; Sheldon Aribal, Most Improved.

GIRLS PADDLING: Rachel Bonn, Most Valuable; Mikela Parris, Coachʻs Award; Annika Berezney, Most Improved.

BOYS SWIMMING: Frederik Moeller, Most Valuable; Aapo Eerola, Coach's Award; Joar Berglund, Most Improved.

GIRLS SWIMMING: Taylor Doherty, Most Valuable; Tereza Kanalosova, Coach's Award; Kira Parker, Most Improved.

BOYS SOCCER: Braden Kojima, Most Valuable; Noah Wise, Coach's Award; Kama Kahoe-Morrison, Most Improved.

GIRLS SOCCER: Emi Higgins and Rowan Kotner, Most Valuable; Julia Perry and Teah Van Bergen, Coach's Award; Zoë Ganley, Most Improved.

BOYS WRESTLING: Jack Rose, Most Valuable; Jacob Grimme, Coach's Award; Tommy Truong, Most Improved.

GIRLS WRESTLING: Sneha Nair, Most Valuable; Cassidy Majors, Coach's Award; Taryn Bonham, Most Improved.

BOYS BASKETBALL: Jonah Hurney and Michael Hanano, Most Valuable; Dylan Ngango Dikobo, Coach's Award; Matija Vitorovic, Most Improved.

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Chyna Hanano, Most Valuable; Emma Saito, Coach's Award; Mikaela Chong, Most Improved; Chyna Hanano, Honoring the Game Award, Coco Shafer, Captains Award.

BOYS TRACK: Ilan Naibryf, Most Valuable; Riki Nims, Coach's Award; Luis Madrid, Most Improved.

GIRLS TRACK: Rowan Kotner, Most Valuable; Sabrina Marvin, Coach's Award; Harley Kell, Most Improved.

BOYS TENNIS: Jeff Marks and Ethan James, Most Valuable; Andy Lee, Coach's Award.

GIRLS TENNIS: Kayla Hollister, Most Valuable; Sora Frysinger, Coach's Award; Anna Morita, Most Improved.

BOYS VOLLEYBALL: Ghar Pautz, Most Valuable; Kai Miller and Zach Chaikin, Coach's Award; Matija Vitorovic, Most Improved.

WATER POLO: Taylor Doherty, Most Valuable; Ava Jean Johnston, Coach's Award; Sarah Houser, Most Improved; Janelle Laros, Hoʻohana Award.

GOLF: Jaxon Heitz, Most Valuable; Jody Jamin, Coach's Award.

BASEBALL: Braden Kojima, Jonah Hurney, and Finn Richmond, Most Valuable; Tristan Sienkiewicz, Coach's Award; Blake Winston, Most Improved.

SOFTBALL: Vanessa Gary, Most Valuable; Kiaʻi Lindsey, Coach's Award; Mikela Parris, Most Improved.

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