Ideation, Launching, and Optimizing: Learning First-Hand From a Digital Entrepreneur

In February, HPA students learned and worked directly with entrepreneur and CEO of Skubana and Crucial Vacuum, Chad Rubin, via video conference. The class began with Chad recounting his journey from college student to creating and growing his businesses that now yield millions of dollars in revenue annually. Then, sharing his screen, he showcased how he utilized storytelling, inbound marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media to create/maintain his brand. Students instantly began asking questions about how to produce written content, create social movements, and make multimedia go viral.

Michael Hanano '18 recounts, "It was crazy to see that views, shares, and audience growth are centered around this much strategy and science."

Before class ended, Chad worked with each student on their specific storytelling product. One example was his work with Dylan Riley '18, on the HPA Soundcloud page (music and podcast streaming site), he built out to share many of the incredible podcasts HPA students are creating over the past two years. Students learned what websites, tools, and techniques would optimize their work and gain greater audiences.

It was evident throughout this experience, that when students interact with classroom guests who are industry professionals, the real world job market becomes demystified. Events like these are what make an HPA education so unique and valuable. Access to top industry professionals inside the classroom creates a hands-on learning experience that allows the student to own their education.

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