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Olympics Day 2: We Are Not Messing Around

By Sidney Vermeulen

It's 7:30 a.m. and I arrive on campus to begin my cram session. Procrastination happens even to the best of us, and this morning the senior class gathers to practice our Class Number event, in hopes that our formation would lead us to acing the test. In this case, winning our event.

Like any test taker, we anxiously wait on the hill for our turn to form our 2017 formation. When our class is called, we march down the hill. We ace part one, stumble a little on our second formation (a pair of crossed axes) and head up the hill relieved to be done, but nervous about what the judges think.

Olympics falls in the limbo between school and spring break, but by day two, it is apparent that we aren't fooling around. Whether furiously building arduino controlled cars in the energy lab, playing soccer on the main field, or challenging the other classes to a game of taboo, you can tell that here at HPA we take this seriously.

After a couple of campus events, we head to Hapuna beach and get right back to business. Tirelessly, members from each class compete in the ten events that take place at the beach including beach volleyball, sand sculpture, and swim run, all culminating in the biggest event of beach day: Tug-of-war.

By the end of the day I am thoroughly exhausted. Far from a relaxing day at the beach, day two of Olympics proved to be an all out battle between the classes challenging each individual's wit and strength.

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