Olympics Day 3: The Final Countdown!

By Alexa Montenegro '16

The final day of the HPA Olympics, Wednesday March 9, kicked off with Circle Sit, where students from all classes embodied skyhigh sportsmanship and enthusiasm in their efforts to portray class unity. Students then dispersed and headed to their next event, whether it was something adrenaline-fueled like indoor soccer and bubble ball, or an intense session of Cranium. Many students found themselves hopping from an extreme round of musical chairs to the serene environment of Sidewalk Art, where the best artists from each class made the GPAC entrance come to life with their creativity.

Eventually all the morning activities came to an end and the student body headed to the dining hall in search of energy to keep the final day of Olympics going. The students were slowly eased into the final activities before the Talent Show, starting with the water balloon relay where you could truly see a class become a team. All the while, fans in the fields supported their favorites in the Soccer and Whiffle Ball finals. Alliances between classes formed during the Water Balloon Relay, which brought all ages together leading to a very soaked, but cheerful, ending, followed by the all-time favorite Water Slide. The day continued at the pool with tough Water Soccer matches and a joyous Inner Tube Relay, bringing out all the class cheers.

"Win or lose,
everyone had the opportunity to shine and make memories unique to all HPA students," laughed water soccer player Louisa Duggan '16 after a tough match for first place against the junior class.

Tensions built as powder-covered students from Color Tag, exhausted arm wrestlers, and Chicken Fight competitors anxiously awaited the Talent Show, the closing ceremony of the 2016 HPA Olympics. Spreading smiles for miles, bonds became thicker after an entire day of fun and 'ohana (family).

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