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Olympics Day 3: The Culmination

By Anthony Beetum ʻ17:

"I have a flight that leaves at 7:55 p.m., I haven't slept in three days. I'm really sunburnt on my back, and I couldn't be more excited for the next four hours!" -Jackson Evans '17

There was more than an hour left before the first event of the day, circle sit, but the classes weren't wasting any time, practicing all morning up to the start of the event just to make sure everything was perfect

Meticulously coordinated, and perfectly synchronized, the circle sit might be misleading if you thought the rest of day wasn't filled with chaos and hectic fun. In fact, the second event of the day was bubble ball, where students were sent flying several feet with this twist on soccer.

The adrenaline only increased as the action shifted to the big screen, with everyone crowding around to watch Mario Kart. The classes all tried to coordinate themselves smoothly once again for wall building. Collaboration is paramount as team members build a wall while blindfolded. Only one teammate, who can see, but can't build, tries frantically to coordinate everything.

Next up was color tag: 40 kids, hands full of color powder, and every team starting off nearly identically in clean, white shirts. Everyone was ready to throw powder the second you got too close, leaving a blue, green, red, or yellow splatter pattern over your shirt and probably face, too, and by the end, everyone seemed to be marked with a distinct abstract painting.

All this chaos turned out to be filler, occupying the time before the big events of Olympics: the talent show and lip sync, which are so heavily rehearsed and coordinated that they stand in stark contrast from the mayhem of the rest of the day.

We started off with talent show, where all the classes showcase their skills via instruments, singing, dancing, and anything else the students want to share. Two performances that stood out were the Juniors' highly technical and simultaneously trippy glow stick dance, and the Seniors' final performance, which featured a stage full of well-rehearsed students. The Seniors won the talent show with their group dance. The talent show was followed by impressive lip sync performances performed by every class, ultimately won by the Juniors.

Olympics closed with the entire student body gathered around the Gates Performing Arts Center (GPAC) stage for a high-energy musical performance by an ensemble of teachers and students. Every class did well in Olympics, and no performance disappointed in the talent show or lip sync, but only one class could win. The seniors, class of 2017, were crowned victorious.

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