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Olympics Day 1: We are Warriors

By Amelia Snyder '18

Sarah Schulman '18 excitedly tells me what fun I have ahead of me. "The moment you walk into the gym, expect to feel a wave of excitement and hype."

I soon learn that everyone comes together as one, and I am blown away by the unbridled joy and manic enthusiasm filling our high school gym.

We enter hand-in-hand, the junior class raising their spears and screaming a war cry; faces bursting with a passion that causes the paint on our cheeks to crack. This year's HPA Class Olympics theme is "Great Warriors" and we will are living up to the challenge.

"THIS IS SPARTA!!!" we scream.

When a basketball game that sends the crowd into a mania greater than that of any NBA game is paired with a traditional Hawaiian hula, our community is able to showcase what makes them unique.

The Junior class is unified with one goal: not losing another year of games. We scream out our relatively rehearsed cheers, dance until we drop, and overall have a glorious evening. This is what I expect out of Olympics. Our enthusiasm shown from opening days is a good benchmark proving to us that we have enough spirit to get ahead, and possibly CRUSH IT.

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