Strategic Plan

Building on our rigorous, college-preparatory foundation, HPA has moved into a bold new phase of innovation. Our school stands at a confluence of vital ecosystems and world cultures. Across our island and the Pacific region, community leaders, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs are propelling us forward on issues such as sustainability, space exploration, the value of creativity, and cultural cooperation.

At HPA, we must remain at the forefront of this exciting journey. We are uniquely positioned to inspire students with unrivaled learning experiences, grounded in the ingenuity of Hawai‘i Island, available nowhere else on earth. Our strategic plan, approved by the Board of Trustees in 2016, provides a road map by which we will evaluate our progress and ensure our students are equipped to thrive throughout the coming century with its great challenges and unfolding opportunities.

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Strategic Plan Vision Statement

Embracing the unique environment and culture of Hawai‘i Island to design educational experiences of unparalleled depth and scope, we empower responsible global citizens to create, lead, and thrive in tomorrow’s world.

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