Hawai’i Preparatory Academy (HPA) offers a learning experience unlike anywhere else. No other school on the planet can give you the opportunity to learn about environmental sustainability with access to 80% of the world’s ecosystems in your backyard. You can SCUBA dive in the ocean as part of your marine biology coursework, collaborate with NASA scientists on a project preparing for a mission to Mars, or get an internship at the world’s best astronomical observatory. From sea to sky, as a student you will be introduced to opportunities that are both awe inspiring and life changing.

The environment, culture, and resources that are uniquely available to students at HPA provide an ideal setting for place-based learning. Independent research opportunities, global travel programs, and an immersive learning experience are at the core of what we offer. The HPA community is designed to help our students become productive and collaborative global citizens. Your future begins right here at HPA.

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We Know Location Matters

You could choose any other place in the world to attend school. But why would you?

We Know Success

As a 21st century learner, you thrive in interesting, engaging, and challenging classes led by dedicated teachers (90% of whom hold advanced degrees).

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You are an individual with immense potential. You are highly motivated and we appreciate what makes you unique.