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At HPA, we honor our students as individual learners within the context of a school community that cultivates wonder, nurtures passion, and inspires excellence. Ours is a skills-focused curriculum that ensures a solid foundation in these core competencies, while building ever increasing student ownership over one’s educational journey.

Connecting literature to nature at HPA in Mr. Braithwaite's English class.
Video envisioned, directed, and produced by HPA students.

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Soon, students at each division level will be required to complete a capstone project experience delivered within the context of a particular course. For Fifth Graders, this already takes the form of a culminating project focusing on the study of bees. Eighth Graders engage in this experience through one of four Capstone Course Electives (Robotics and Agriculture, Dilemmas of Habit, Marine Reef Ecology, or One World Living). In 2016-17, Seniors will enroll in a dedicated Capstone Course Elective organized around a body of content and significant project experience or will partner with an HPA Faculty Member to undertake advanced level research in a discipline of their choosing.

Our OurWorld Travel Abroad Program at the Middle and Upper Schools give students the opportunity to further augment their skill development, while simultaneously inculcating them with a global sensitivity born of living and working in one of our host communities around the world. We are committed to ensuring that every HPA student participates in educational experiences of unparalleled depth and scope to take their place as responsible citizen-leaders in a world of their making.

Learning through action is at the heart of our Middle School experience.

Video envisioned, directed, and produced by HPA student Daniel Matsumoto '16.

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