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In the last four years, HPA graduates have enrolled at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, University of Chicago (2), Princeton, Brown (5), UPenn, Dartmouth (6), Cornell (2), Stanford (5), UC Berkeley (4), UCLA (4), Duke (3), and Johns Hopkins (3). Students have also been admitted at other highly selective colleges and universities including, MIT, Vanderbilt, Emory, Pomona, Amherst, and Bowdoin. Beyond admissions at these noteworthy institutions, nearly 100 percent of our graduates enroll at four-year institutions and report high satisfaction with their college choice.

You might wonder how a small high school in the middle of the Pacific can achieve such outstanding college results?

Our college admissions success reflects the advantages provided to each and every HPA student:


  • the geographic diversity of applying from Hawai'i
  • the impressive track record of former HPA students at their colleges and universities
  • individualized college planning that highlights the strengths and interests of each student
  • HPA's close relationships with university admissions' deans and directors
  • the recognized commitment of our college counselors to integrity, student advocacy, and leadership in their profession
  • and, above all, HPA's dedication to fostering students with strong character, global mindedness, resilience, innovation, and the ability to serve as bridge-builders in their communities


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HPA College Counseling Team

Andrew Kelsey, Director
Cindy Montgomery, Associate Director
Jane Quayle, College Counseler

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