Our Student Program


HPA’s greatest asset in terms of our consistent college admissions success is the reputation our students have earned for their noteworthy achievements, global perspective, and strong character. Our unique learning community is recognized at the collegiate level as being a hybrid crucible of talent, creativity and diversity.

All of our students are encouraged to develop close working relationships with Mr. Kelsey, Ms. Montgomery, and Ms. Quayle. Our counselors care deeply about our students and believe that each one has a compelling story that will gain the attention of top schools. Authentic expression of that story in the admissions process is understood as a fundamental goal for each student.

See the list of College Placements for the HPA Class of 2019


To achieve this objective, our counselors have thoughtfully designed a four-year system that supports each student as they move on their individual path from transitioning to high school, to identifying colleges and universities that best match their aspirations, to successfully applying and being admitted to the college of their choice.

Freshmen and Sophomores engage in introductory activities designed to help them maximize their opportunities at HPA and begin the process of setting ambitious and realistic goals for their college futures.

Juniors increase their level of engagement through participating in a college counseling workshops to prepare for the senior year, individual meetings with their college counselors, test prep and specialized college presentations.

Seniors continue with individual meetings and workshops to complete their applications, select their school, find funding for their education, and make a successful transition to post- secondary life

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