Summer Reading List

"When you cannot find peace in yourself it is useless to look for it elsewhere."

-La Rochefoucauld

This quote, begins our journey in one of Mr. Graham Salisburyʻs introductory pages of, Blue Skin of the Sea. With HPAʻs Island Wisdom, Global Purpose plan, our middle school English department is excited to present our summer reading that melds our Hawaiian sense of place with the times in which we live and the future we hope to see...(taken from the HPA Strategic Planʻs Vision and Overview). This summer we ask that all middle school students read two novels by our very own alumnus, Mr. Graham Salisbury ʻ63. His books resonate the Hawaiʻi he grew up in and the Hawaiʻi we surround ourselves with here on the Big Island.

All Middle School students are required to read the two novels for their respective grade level by the first day of school August 14 and bring either the actual books or electronic copies to class with them. These novels will serve as a catalyst for the beginning of the year class discussions, an assessment of students’ comprehension and writing levels, and serve as the first formal assessment in English. Please note, the author Graham Salisbury will be visiting with our middle school students at the beginning of the school year.

Rising Eighth Grade

Rising Seventh Grade

Rising Sixth Grade

Blue Skin of the Sea

Lord of the Deep

Blue Skin of the Sea

Night of the Howling Dog

Blue Skin of the Sea

Under the Blood Red Sun

*Paper-back books of these titles may be purchased from Mr. Giff for $6.99 each, turn in attached order form by Friday, May 4 to Mr. Giff, OR you may purchase the books online, at used bookstores, electronic versions, or borrowed at your nearest public library. The following synopsis of the novels were taken from Mr. Salisburyʻs website.

(6-8) Blue Skin of the Sea: Eleven luminous stories follow Sonny Mendoza and his cousin, Keo, young men who grow up in a Hawaiian fishing village, a world of dazzling beauty, powerful family ties, and vivid characters: Aunty Pearl, a full blooded Hawaiian as regal as a the queens of old; cool Jack, from L. A., who starts a gang and dares Sonny to be brave enough, cruel enough, to join; mysterious Melanie, who steals his heart; and Deeps, the shark hunter. But the most memorable character is the sea itself: inviting, unpredictable, deadly. Mendoza men are brave men, but Sonnyʻs courage is of a different

(8) Lord of the Deep: Fishing. This is it, the big time. Mikeyʻs 13, a deckhand working on a charter boat in Hawaii. Working for the best skipper anywhere, his step-dad, Bill. Before Bill came along, it was just Mikey and his mom. Now theyʻre a real family, and Mikey has a little brother. He canʻt believe how lucky he is. And now heʻs learning from the best, even though heʻs only 13. Because Bill believes in him. And Mikey wonʻt let him down. He loves fishing and being out on the boat. But some seas, some fish, and some charter clients are a lot tougher to handle than Mikey ever imagined. Take Ernie and Cal---they chartered Billʻs boat for three days and theyʻre out for the adventure of their lives. Now itʻs up to Mikey and Bill to deliver it.

(7) Night of the Howling Dogs: On the Big Island of Hawaii, Dylanʻs Scout troop hikes down into the desolation of an ancient lava flow to camp on a small beach below the volcano. Itʻs beautiful. Peaceful. But thereʻs a problem: Louie Domingo. He and Dylan share a secret history, and it lies like a shark beneath the surface of everything they do... Until the world comes a part. Foreshadowed by two mysterious howling dogs, a disaster of unearthlhy proportions strikes. No one is spared its horror. But over the next hours, Dylan learns the true meaning of leadership and the will to survive. More amazing still is that this story actually happened.

6) Under the Blood-Red Sun: December 7, 1941---thirteen-year-old Tomikazu Nakaji and his best friend, Billy Davis, are playing in a field near their homes in Hawaii when the Japanese launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. As Tomi looks up at the sky and recognizes the Blood-Red Sun emblem on the amber fighter planes, he knows that his life has changed forever. His father and grandfather, both Japanese-Americans, are quickly arrested and taken to concentration camps. His mother loses her job because she is Japanese. Although Tomi feels frightened and ashamed of his native land, he is forced to become the man of the family.

*Additional recommended books, also by Mr. Salisbury (if you can get a copy): Island Boyz (8), Jungle Dogs (7), Shark Bait (6)


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