Energy Lab

Designed to challenge standards of sustainability and collaborative education, the HPA Energy Lab is a creative crucible for teams of students who hold ownership of their projects and demonstrate the critical qualities of independent thinking: Autonomy, Mastery and Sense of Purpose. The Energy Lab is predicated on the notion that our buildings can inspire us to think differently, to teach differently, and to free our creative spirit.

Video envisioned, directed, and produced by HPA students.

Every day we don’t fulfill this vision is a day wasted… We missed our chance, and this project will enable the next generation to face the challenges we left behind.
- Energy Lab Donor

The Energy Lab is a place of inspiration and creative opportunity. It is the first school building in the world to be zero energy, water and waste, it is a space for student projects to thrive and grow; from sustainability to human machine interfaces, research drones to DNA cloning.

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