The Partnerships

The Energy Lab acts as a hub, connecting students to people and places across the world, providing access to resources that expand the scope of their accomplishments. These partnerships bring students in contact with scientists and cutting-edge technology, allowing them to participate in the broader global community. Networked on-island to research facilities such as the W. M. Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea, and the NOAA Mauna Loa Research Lab, advanced video-conferencing technology at the lab strengthens ties to partners on the mainland and beyond.

One example of a partnership is with NASA:

As part of our telemetry support mission for the NASA HISEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) program going into mission later this year, HPA has been connected to the Space Network Research Federation (SNRF).

This enables our students to interact directly with research centers around the world, including the Kennedy Space Center, where NASA scientist Bill Dearing is based.

Our Partners:

  • NASA: Collaboration on the HI-SEAS Mars simulation project
  • Washington Post
  • Stanford University: Hosting field research programs, collaboration with the Stanford Field station
  • W. M. Keck Observatory: Collaboration on energy projects, visualization, astronomy and astrophysics projects
  • Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope: Exoplanet research
  • Subaru Telescope: Intern hosting, exoplanet research
  • Apple: Apple Distinguished Program Awards 1998-2013, collaboration on MacWorld and WWDC
  • MacWorld and Worldwide Developers Conference “Future Tech” program
  • Cornell: Hosting Environmental research program, intern program, coral research and other collaboration
  • Blue Planet Foundation/Puu Waa Waa ranch: Energy prototype systems
  • Parker Ranch: Weather and climate research project
  • Local hotels: Energy use studies
  • Office of Naval Research: remotely piloted marine research vessel
  • NOAA Mauna Loa Research Lab sensor hosting
  • Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Seismic sensor network
  • Quake Catcher Network collaboration and data analysis

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