OurWorld Travel Abroad Program

Culture. Service. Place-Based learning.

Each year over spring break, our students have the opportunity to travel, study, and serve on one of several experiences. These trips offer students the opportunity to learn about life in another culture, develop and use language skills, and participate in community service. Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to show and continue to grow in HPA’s Core Values on these trips: Integrity, Respect, Pursuit of Excellence, and Wonder. We believe that travel is a multi-layered experience - with students reflecting on questions such as:

What does it mean to be a global citizen?
How do my choices and ideas affect other people and places?
How do my ideas about others-and theirs about me-affect our interactions?
What are the current global issues of today and what is my part in contributing to the betterment of the world?


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Trips are organized through Rustic Pathways and Pacific and Asian Affairs Council (PAAC) and chaperoned by HPA faculty. Participation in the service component of these experiences will earn community service credit. Some financial aid is available.

Past trip opportunities have included Australia, China, Costa Rica, India, Japan, New Zealand, Oahu, Peru, Tanzania, and Washington D.C.Photo Courtesy Jasmine Buerano '17

2020 Trip Options

HPA is offering the following travel opportunities to Upper School students for the 2020 spring break:

Fiji - Ridge to Reef Sustainability and Service

This trip offers the incredible opportunity to learn more about reef conservation and explore the beautiful island nation of Fiji! Students will journey into the mountains to a remote village deep in the Nausori Highlands, stay with a Fijian host family, and complete some service projects. Other highlights of the trip include opportunities to snorkel/scuba, participation in a traditional sevusevu ceremony, camping on the Yasawa Islands, kayaking and hiking on Naviti island, visiting Cloudbreak, and exploring the coast of Viti Levu. Participants will also work on grassroots projects that focus on the distribution, diversity, formation, ecology, and conservation of the coral reef and surrounding environment.

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Japan - Language and Cultural Immersion

This study tour incorporates learning about the history, politics, society, pop culture, environment, and cuisine of Japan. Students will have a chance to put their Japanese-speaking skills to the test and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese customs and lifestyles. The study tour will feature hands-on cultural workshops such as sushi and plastic food making classes, and the opportunity to see the diversity of urban and rural settings coexisting in one nation. Students will also have an opportunity to visit the campus of Hiroshima Prefectural Kokutaiji High School and experience daily life for their peers in Japan. The highlight of the experience will be a two night homestay at a Kokutaiji student’s home in Hiroshima. Visits to other historic Japanese sites will also be incorporated into the itinerary.

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New Orleans - Climate Change, Disaster Management, Rebuilding

Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina - a devastating hurricane that in its aftermath, severely decimated the city of New Orleans. Students will be learning about climate change and the connection to natural disasters, as well as the challenges communities face as they rebuild and recover. Students will also explore the region’s unique history, ecosystems, and stories during service and interaction with local community members and engage in assisting with rebuilding affordable housing for those displaced by the hurricane and flooding.

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To Apply

Applications are due by Friday, October 18.

To qualify for a trip, students must be in good academic standing and passing Citizenship at all times prior to trip departure. Students that are currently on probation, or who have had past major infractions will be considered on an individual basis. Please be aware that HPA reserves the right to pull students from trip rosters if they fail to fulfill the behavioral and academic expectations for participation. If a student is withdrawn for academic or behavioral reasons, the program deposit is non-refundable.

what do students gain from ourworld?

Check out this great student video of the Australia trip in March 2018 by participant Reyn Kaneshiro ‘18!

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