Current Projects

For the past 28 years HPA and NOAA have worked together to research sea turtles on the coast of West Hawaii. The project involves studying the growth rates of these turtles and their behavioral characteristic. While most trips focus on those aspects of the project, some have other focuses. Most recently our students have placed ARGOS satellite tags on green sea turtles.

Other projects include traveling to Japan and New Caledonia to place satellite tags on turtle to learn about their migratory patterns in the Pacific Ocean. All these projects are thought up by NOAA scientists who study sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean. The tracking data for these turtles and other information on recent projects can be found here.

Many of these projects are conducted in association with scientists from NOAA, NIST or other national research institutions and some are conducted through local agencies like the Kohala Center.

Our students are involved in each of these project and, in many instances, will be principal investigators and primary authors of research papers for publication

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