Take a look at what you'll be doing for your 12 days with HPA's Summer Outdoor Program.

*This itinerary may be modified due to camp needs, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances, but any substitutions will be equally adventurous.

Day 1: Arrivals

If you are not from Hawai'i, today you'll arrive on the Island of Hawai'i, the largest in the Hawaiian chain. Everyone will arrive before 3pm and we'll hit the beach and get acquainted with one another and enjoy the water. Expect a swim test to evaluate your comfort level in the ocean. We'll enjoy a sunset dinner and end the long travel day with games and talking story at our oceanside campsite.

Day 2-4: Waimanu Valley Backpacking

We pack up in the morning after a quick swim and drive up to the valleys where we'll start our backpacking trip deep into Waimanu Valley. Waimanu means river of birds. We'll hike along the beautiful and ancient Muliwai Trail, which follows the timeworn coast through dense forests and traverses many untouched streams. Along the steep trail, you'll be rewarded with restful places to cool off in these streams, including a waterfall you can soak under. Once in Waimanu, we'll explore the valley, swim in waterfalls and behold Waihīlau Falls: one of the tallest single drops in the U.S. descending from about 3,000 feet to about 400 feet elevation! we'll spend a few nights in the valley soaking in the beauty before hiking back out to Waipi'o Valley.

Day 5: Malasadas, Resupply, and Full Moon Night Beach

We'll come up out of the valleys re-charged and ready to begin the second half of out trip. You'll be thrilled to visit a local landmark restaurant in Honoka'a where you can experience fresh baked malasadas, a Portuguese decadent delight and a local favorite. We'll also be returning to HPA's campus where we will be able to shower, pick up fresh food, and get ready for our next adventure. At night we'll head to the Kohala Coast where temperatures are warm and air is dry to take a full moon night hike to a secret beach.

Day 6 - 8: Halape Beach Backpacking

Backpacking, round 2! This time we'll adventure to the South of the Island where we'll follow ancient trails to remote Halape, an isolated blue water lagoon, where we'll soak our legs in freshwater ponds and swim in the lagoon at sunrise.

Day 9: Rock Jumping, Showers, Re-supply, and Kona Coast

We'll head around the South tip of the Island and up to Kona, stopping along the way for favorite rock jumps and beautiful beaches. In Kona, we'll shower, re-supply, and sleep on sun-warmed sand lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean.

Day 10-11: Surfing, SUP-ing, and Service

We'll spend our last two days together surfing and stand up paddle boarding the warm waters of Kona. We'll spend afternoons giving back to the land that has given us so much over the last weeks, and swim with Manta Rays at night. We'll camp by the ocean and sleep in our tents, with a special final night beach party.

Day 12: Departures

We'll say a hui hou as we head out to the airport after breakfast and get everyone all checked in for their flights home. Everyone will fly out, or get picked up by 2pm on the last day. If your flight is later, we can make sure you get through security before we depart and will be available by phone in case of flight changes or emergencies.

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