Upper School

Our Upper School program continues the foundational skill and core content work begun in the Lower and Middle School divisions, while incorporating new students who enroll from other schools around the world. Our academic program combines a solid foundation of traditional liberal arts education—including 18 Advanced Placement (AP) courses—with 21st century skills—collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

Independent research opportunities, global travel programs, and immersive learning are at the core of what we offer. Our signature programs provide students with unique ways to hone skills and create an impressive body of work in preparation for college and later life.

Our school community encompasses both day and boarding students. Together, they create a vibrant community where learning takes place everywhere—in class, across campus, and out into our stunning island and ocean. Our local students forge international friendships; our boarding students discover people, places, and ideas that will forever feed the soul and the imagination.

We value our students as individuals with immense potential. We take the time to understand different learning styles. Our ultimate goal is to empower each student toward an individual sense of purpose, giving them the tools to thrive in careers that will expect innovation, creativity, global perspective, and a pioneering mindset.

Discover and demonstrate your potential through unique programs at the Upper School

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