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2017/2018 Course Offerings


C: Independent Humanities Research (0.5 English or Social Studies credit per semester)

C: Food, Farming and Social Change (year – 0.5 Social Studies + 0.5 elective credit) interdisciplinary



B: English 12: Food in Culture & Politics

D, E, F: English 11 Honors: The Individual and Society

A, D, E, F: English 11: The Individual and Society

B, C: English 10 Honors: The Individual and Community

A, B, E: English 10: The Individual and Community

F: English 10: The Individual and Community (ESL Focus)

D, F: English 9 Honors: The Individual

C, D, E, F: English 9: The Individual

Fall/Semester 1

A: English 12: Writing for Performance

B: Creative Writing

B: English 12 Honors: Humor in Literature

C: English 12: Shakespeare

E: English 12 Honors: Feminist Literature

F: English 12: Film and Literature from Banned Countries

G: English 12 Honors: Digital Journalism

Spring/Semester 2

A: English 12: Science Fiction

B: Creative Writing

B: English 12 Honors: Philosophy in Literature

C: English 12: Poetry of Movement

E: English 12 Honors: 21st Century Novel

F: English 12: Gothic Romance

G: English 12 Honors: Digital Journalism

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B: Math Workshop

D: AP Calculus AB

D: AP Calculus BC

E, G: AP Statistics

A: Multivariable Calculus Honors

A, C: Calculus

C, F: Precalculus Honors

A, B, F: Precalculus

B, D: Algebra II Trigonometry Honors

A, B, D, E: Algebra II Trigonometry

E: Geometry Honors

A, E, G: Geometry

B, C: Algebra I

Fall/Semester 1

B: Introduction to Statistics

Spring/Semester 2

B: Introduction to Programming

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F, G: Independent Science Research

E, G: AP Environmental Science

A: AP Biology

B: AP Physics C

C, D: AP Physics 1

A: AP Physics 2

E, F, G: Physics

D, G: AP Chemistry

A, F: Chemistry Honors

B, C, E: Chemistry

C, G: Biology Honors

D, E, F: Biology

C, D: Foundation Science

Fall/Semester 1

B: Astronomy

B: Biotechnology

E: Electronics

A: Flight

A: Marine Biology

Spring/Semester 2

A: Agro-Ecology

A: Biodiversity

B: Biotechnology (Capstone)

B: Physical Oceanography

E: Robotics

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Social Studies


F: AP Comparative Government & Politics

A, B: AP Human Geography

C: AP Psychology

C, G: AP United States History

F: Hawai'ian History & Culture

C, D, E, F, G: United States History

B, D, E. G: World History

B, E, F: Freshman Foundations/Hawaiian History

Fall/Semester 1

D: Global Issues

D: History Through Hollywood

E: Economics Honors

F: Civics and the American System

Spring/Semester 2

C: World Religions

D: Historical Cultural Literacy

D: Global Issues (Capstone)

E: Economics Honors (Capstone)

F: Civics and the American System (Capstone)

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Modern Language


E: Hawaiian IV Honors

E: Hawaiian III

G: Hawaiian II

C: Hawaiian I

E: Japanese V Honors

F: Japanese IV Honors

D: Japanese III

C: Japanese II

G: Japanese I

E: Mandarin Chinese IV Honors

D: Mandarin Chinese III

G: Mandarin Chinese II

C: Mandarin Chinese I

G: AP Spanish Language & Culture

C, E: Spanish IV Honors

A, B, D, G: Spanish III

B, D, F: Spanish II

C: Spanish I

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English as a Second Language


E: ESL Content Bridge

G: Advanced Composition

F: Advanced Content Studies

D: Advanced Reading & Speaking

F: Intermediate Composition

G: Intermediate Content Studies

A: Intermediate Listening & Speaking

C: Intermediate Reading



F: Advanced 2-D/3-D/Photography: AP Studio Art

A: Advanced Digital Media: Photojournalism/Yearbook

A: Fundamentals of the Arts (Freshmen Only)

Fall/Semester 1

2-D Art:

B: Drawing

E: Printmaking

3-D Art:

C: Introduction to Ceramics

C: Interdisciplinary Sculpture

D: Advanced Ceramics


F: Stagecraft

E: Woodworking

Digital Media:

C: Digital Cinema

D: Digital Documentary

C: Digital Photography

Performing Art:

B: Acting I

B: Improv Comedy

D: Choir

C: Instrumental Ensemble

Spring/Semester 2

2-D Art:

E: Painting

3-D Art:

B: The Art & Science of Surf

C: Advanced Ceramics

D: Interdisciplinary Sculpture

D: Introduction to Ceramics


E: Stagecraft

F: Wood Shop

Digital Media:

D: Digital Cinema

C: Digital Documentary

C: Digital Photography

Performing Art:

B: Acting II

C: Acting for Camera

C: Instrumental Ensemble

E: Instrumental Ensemble

D: Musical Theater

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