Learning Services

Learning Specialist

Sarah Toga Collings, our Learning Specialist, serves as an academic resource for students, parents and teachers. The Learning Specialist is available to help students with diagnosed learning challenges and students experiencing some academic difficulties, by providing strategies and developing skills necessary for academic success. The Learning Specialist office is easily accessible to all students, and is located in the Technology Building near the academic classrooms.

Specific Services Offered:

  • Individualized Instruction courses where the Learning Specialist provides Academic Coaching tailored to each individual student’s needs.
  • Administer Achievement testing and preliminary cognitive testing to screen for possible academic difficulties and make recommendations to families for further evaluation.
  • Refer families to local psychologists for full psycho-educational assessments; conference with local psychologist to implement their recommendations, read, interpret, and communicate evaluation results in meaningful way with faculty working directly with the student.
  • Create Academic Support Plans (ASP’s) to share important information regarding students learning style and best supports with teachers and advisors. Conference with parents prior to sharing any confidential information with faculty.
  • Organize Extended Time accommodations for Final Exams for students who qualify for accommodations.
  • Liaison for families to the College Board and ACT; apply on behalf of families for Extended Time, Small Group, and other appropriate accommodations.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty regarding best practices when working with students of all abilities.

Peer Tutoring program

Peer Tutoring is provided by exceptional HPA students who are members of the Peer Tutor Club. Peer tutors work with students during the academic school day; either during off periods, morning office hours, or early release Wednesday afternoons. Peer Tutors who are boarders may also work with other boarding students in the evenings during study hall. There is no additional cost to work with a peer tutor; instead peer tutors earn community service hours for their work.

Students may be referred for peer tutoring by their family, advisor, teachers or self referral. The Upper School Learning Specialist oversees Peer Tutor Club and manages the tutor roster and matching students with tutors. Peer tutors are responsible for managing their own tutoring schedules.