Summer at HPA

Summer 2020 Goes Virtual!

Summer at HPA is open to all and offers a great introduction to the HPA experience. Students can join from anywhere in the world to expand their academic potential and build community with the HPA ‘ohana. This year, we are looking forward to our summer sessions more than ever​, and we sincerely hope that you will consider spending a week or more in June and July learning and exploring with ​us online!

  • Open to the public; all are welcome!
  • Grades 6-12
  • One hour of synchronous class per day at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. HST, with plenty of hands-on, off-screen activities
  • Registration for Session I  is closed, but you are welcome to register in Session II
  • $100 per course per week, or $275 for all three weeks if you register by  July 13 for Session II.

Additional Information | Dates, Course Descriptions, Schedules

Whether you want to learn to play the ‘ukulele, ace the SAT, or create a prototype of an upper limb prosthetic using everyday household materials—our Summer at HPA teachers have you covered! In these courses, you can create a custom fitness routine, take an augmented reality tour of the Hawaiian archipelago and build your own virtual reality island, conduct your own crime scene investigations, learn techniques for on-screen acting, and much, much more!

Session I

Registration is closed for this session

Session II

Registration is closed for this session

We hope to see you next year!

Meet Your Teachers


Dagan Bernstein

Dagan Bernstein is a mathematics, digital media, and music teacher at HPA’s Village Campus. He is a graduate of HPA and holds a degree in linguistics from the University of Oregon, where he also studied ethnomusicology. In addition to teaching, he spends his free time as a songwriter, performer, and independent music instructor. Dagan believes in finding your own creative voice through music and using that as a gateway to build on all your passions. With a diverse range of musical interests from Hawaiian, reggae, popular music, and traditional folk, Dagan brings a wide variety of knowledge to his music instruction. In Dagan’s music course this summer, you will learn to play popular songs on the ‘ukulele. All levels of ability are welcome.

JoAnn Birt

JoAnn has been acting for over fifteen years, and received her BFA in acting from the University of Illinois at Chicago in May 2019. Some of her credits include working with prominent members of the Chicago theatre and film community, as well as a recent performance on NBC’s Chicago PD. She’s trained under the Stanislavski philosophies of teaching. In her courses, you’ll learn the fundamentals of screen and stage acting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take all three weeks of one course? 

Yes, absolutely. Content will change from week to week, so if you’d like to take an in-depth look at something, signing up for two or three weeks is the way to go! 

Can I only take one week of a course? 

Sure! And (with the exception of the Test Prep and English Language courses, which meet for the full three weeks) you can join at any point in the summer session—you won’t miss out on anything by jumping in on week two or week three. 

I am not an HPA student. Can I attend Summer at HPA anyway?

Yes! All are welcome to summer sessions at HPA—current students, friends, international students… anyone who is interested in learning a bit more about the HPA experience and what it’s like to be in our ‘ohana!

I live on Hawai‘i Island. Can I come to class on campus? 

No one is more disappointed than we are that Summer at HPA cannot be held in person this year. Our campus is closed until August due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Thank you for understanding!  

I’ve been on a screen all semester and I’m tired of distance learning! Why would I want to sign up for this?

Because these classes are awesome and are designed for virtual learning. Don’t worry—our screen time will be about building friendships and understanding interesting things, and your off-screen time will be focused on creating and doing. We promise you’ll love it!