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The Digital Media art track begins in grade 6 with a year long Basics of Art Class, which introduces skills, techniques, and vocabulary in the digital arts. In grades 7 and 8 a student can move up to a semester long Beginner class in digital media, learning the basics of IPhoto and IMovie as well as designing the Middle School yearbook.

In grade 9 the students are given a yearlong Fundamentals of the Arts class which introduces them to the Digital Media Lab, Filmmaker Ari Bernstein (USC MFA), and basic camera techniques. Students who continue to follow a Digital Media art track from grade 10 to graduation, select from Intermediate Digital Cinema for Filmmaking or Intermediate Digital Photography with lead school photographer Patrick O'Leary. Students then advance to Digital Documentary making news stories for the school's website, or join the Photojournalism class creating the schools spectacular full color yearbook.
Students display their multimedia twice a year in a rotating campus art show, as well as our weekly assemblies school website, and bi-yearly magazine. The students are truly tasked with documenting life on and off our beautiful campus.

Course Descriptions

Digital Media: Digital Photography

0.5 credits

Digital Photography is an intermediate Digital Media class taught in the Graphic Lab in the CsiMec Computer Lab. The class will provide a solid foundation in the fundamental technical skills and artistic concepts of digital photography through hands-on workshops about framing, exposure, and lighting, supported by supplementary readings and videos. The students will demonstrate these skills in the field during seven, two-week shooting assignments. Grading will be based on participation in hands-on workshops during class, Photo Journal entries on Powerschool as part of larger online discussions, and editing photos for bi-weekly critiques. The class will culminate with the students creating an online portfolio of their best work, with their best-of-the-best being displayed at our semi-annual Art Show.

Digital Media: Digital Cinema

0.5 credits

Digital Cinema is an intermediate Digital Media class taught in the Digital Media Lab. In the class, the students will write, shoot and edit a three to five minute film. This class will cover the basics of scriptwriting and storyboarding, camera framing and lighting, working as a film crew, and post production, including editing and sound design. Grading will be based on participation in hands-on workshops and the film’s production during class, notebook checks, and Photo Journal entries on PowerSchool with written reflections on the day’s work. The class will culminate with a finished short film, that will be submitted to various student film festivals.

Digital Media: Photojournalism/Yearbook

1.0 credits

This course is an advanced Digital Media class taught in the Graphics Lab in the CsiMec Computer Building. In this class, the students produce and publish the Academy’s long-standing yearbook, the Ka Makani. Yearbook staff members are expected to show a high level of sophistication and eventual mastery in journalistic writing, digital photography, and layout and design. Staff members are also required to have the ability to work independently with minimal oversight and to collaborate effectively with other staff members on demanding and complex projects. The culminating assessment for this class is a 228-page yearbook that is delivered during the second week of May. Grading will be based on participation in hands-on workshops during class, completion of page layouts, and finishing writing/photo assignments. The prerequisite for this class is the successful completion of the intermediate digital photography class, a recommendation from an English teacher for aspiring staff writers, and a pre-interview for all candidates.

Fundamentals of the Arts

Fundamentals of the Arts is a special class for freshman only. This year long class introduces each student to the facilities, materials, and faculty of the Fine Arts Department at HPA. Students learn key skills and basic knowledge in four of six Fine Arts disciplines; 2-D (Painting/Drawing), 3-D (Ceramics/Sculpture), Backstage (Woodworking/Stagecraft), Performing Arts (Acting/Music), Digital Media (Filmmaking/Photography), Computer Coding (Programming/Problem Solving), and Mixed Media (Collage/Photography) so that they can then pursue more advanced level coursework in an area(s) of their choosing. There is no prerequisite for this course.

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