Baseball - Boys


The smell of grass and dirt fills the air, mixed with the call of peers, and the repetitive, steady clank of ball on bat, as the team warms up before a game. Students from every grade, and of all backgrounds, sit in the stands, heightening the excitement. The referee calls a meeting between coaches and captains, the players jog to their positions, and with the smack of the first pitch in the catcher’s glove; it begins.

Wrought out of the Civil War, baseball is one of the oldest American pastimes anwith millions of spectators and players enjoying it ever since. Here at HPA, we take this pastime very seriously. Hours of dedication and commitment have birthed a successful program, fueled by the incredible drive of the athletes, the versatility and patience of coaches, and the family-like bond between team members. This close-knit relationship keeps them going through tournaments, Big Island Interscholastic Federation (BIIFs), and otherwise.

The team has participated in BIIFs many times, has won the BIIF title in 1978, and then BIIF DII a few years ago.

The team celebrates its diversity, having players of all experience levels and from many places of origin. The Baseball team’s intense collaboration has earned them a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Their inclusivity has been a catalyst for many unexpected and wonderful friendships and additions to the team.

Braden Kojima ‘17, remembers, “as a Freshman I was nervous about joining the team because I never thought I was that good of a ball player. But the boys really opened up to me and accepted me.”

Coaches and players alike admit that it isn’t always an easy win, or an easy practice, but through perseverance and through the spirit of the team, it’s always worth while. When all is said and done, and the players have put in all they’ve got, when the mound is raked and the supporters go home, they’ve got their brotherhood.

That’s a team trait that can’t be taught, one that’s only built through the love and support that is so unique to this team. The things that, “unify us as a team,” Kojima testifies, “is the all around hard work that we all put in together. If you bleed, sweat, and leave everything you have on the diamond with your teammates there's not much that can tear you apart.


Devin Fujioka ’09 – Mount Mercy University

Travis Stancil ’09 – University of Hawaii - Hilo

Ryan Rice ’10 – University of Hawaii - Hilo

Mitchell Parris ’11 – Whitman College

Matt Kiyota ’11 – Simpson University

Micah Ashburn ’11 - Holy Names University

Jayse Bannister ’12 – Holy Names University

Kai Fink ’12 – Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Ian rice ’14 – Menlo College

Mike Nakahara ’14 – Northland College

DJ Sekiya ’15 – Lewis and Clark College

Cyrus Inglis ’15 – Menlo College

Koa Ellis ’15 – Linfield College


Coach Kurt Simon


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