Soccer - Girls


By Marin Young '17

The sport of soccer dominates the athletic world, it is popular in every country and is played by millions of people. With two state championships under their belt, HPA boasts a talented and enthusiastic Girl’s Soccer team. The dedicated students and coaches work together to make the team what it truly is, strong, hard-working, and powerful.

The strength that the students express on the soccer field reflects HPA’s demanding physical and academic programs, but perseverance proves to be the key quality that defines the team. Head Coach and athletics director Stephen Perry has been coaching the girls soccer team for 22 years. His expertise has led the team to many victories and continues to prove effective in creating success. Case in point, a HHSAA State Championship last year. Perry states, “[We] Play with passion, practice with passion. It helps the team stay on task throughout the season.”

Perry’s wisdom and determinism keeps the team voracious for victory and explains the teams multiple state titles. He claims that the “work ethic every day at practice” is the best part of coaching such a dedicated group of young women. With strong unity formed through daily practices and enthusiasm shared by both coaches and students, the HPA girls soccer team is truly triumphant in all their undertakings.

The 2014 championship season was a microcosm of the school's ethos. These dynamic young women create scoring opportunities, lead powerful drives, and thrive in adversity.


The HPA girls soccer team is one of the most successful on campus, compiling a 9-2-1 record in the 2013-2104 season as Ka Makani sought their fifth consecutive Big Island Interscholastic Federation Division II league title.

Coach Stephen Perry brings a deep awareness of scholastic sports to girls soccer. As the school’s longest-serving athletic director—24 years and counting—Perry is not only responsible for the administration of all sports activity and competition on campus, he is also deeply involved in league planning as well as sportsmanship and fair play on every field and court.

Practical experience aside, with a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Lawrence University, Perry also brings his understanding of the changes in biology of athletes in development, as they are in the teen years.

A host of assistants aid Perry in coaching girls soccer. Individual attention is paid to each player at each stage of the game, with long practices reinforcing the training. Training also includes preparing emotionally and intellectually for the challenges of a match—learning how to settle, focus, and concentrate on the pure sport of competition.

With fundamentals in hand, players are then free to enjoy the game.

“That’s the most important thing,” Perry says. “Sports should be fun.”


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