Volleyball - Boys


Poised in anticipation, muscles tensed and mind focused, with sweat-drenched uniforms and pounding pulses, the students await the volley. When it comes, lightning-quick movements keep the ball aloft while busy sneakers mark the shiny court.

Volleyball is an amazing sporting opportunity available at Hawai'i Preparatory Academy (HPA). It is a sport defined by reactions, teamwork, and endurance. It is one of the most fast-paced sports HPA offers, and is centered on complex plays that require the entire team to cooperate as a cohesive whole.

Each after-school volleyball practice at the Colson Courts starts with a warm-up to help prevent injuries. When the training begins, players focus on their split-second decision making and accuracy with their hits and sets.

HPA’s volleyball program is fortunate to have head coach Sharon Peterson, who is a two-time Olympic contender and a seven-time participant in the United States All-American volleyball Association. Coach Peterson is a very passionate volleyball player and coach who consistently pushes the entire team to do its best. She takes a lifetime of experience and love for volleyball, and applies it to helping HPA’s players improve individually, and as a team, Monday through Friday and on weekends when necessary.

“It’s fun and entertaining. Any of the volleyball players you talk to will highly recommend giving the sport a try." -Jinzhi Wei ‘16

It teaches one “discipline, how to work as a part of a team, and most importantly how to move on and learn from mistakes as opposed to lingering on the negative and letting it drag you down” says Vanessa Gary ‘17, the team’s manager.

The JV team practices alongside the varsity team. Everyone on the volleyball team works together as a family to make each day better than the last. This positive and cooperative spirit is apparent during every practice when players encourage and cheer on their teammates no matter what. This sport is “much like the game of life,” says Peterson.



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