Tennis - Boys & Girls


Tennis is a competitive sport with a rich history at Hawai’i Preparatory Academy (HPA). The HPA tennis team practices five days a week on the highest quality tennis court on the Big island.

HPA’s Rutgers tennis center is the only indoor tennis facility on the island and is well known among tennis professionals. The tennis center contains four well-lit courts that are recognized by the United States Tennis Association as one of the best facilities in the United States in the 4 to 10 court category. It also provides a full-service pro-shop, member services, and ball machines. The courts are almost always available for practice and play.

Coach Jeff Lewis intends for his players to focus on their personal improvement and enjoyment of the sport, with statistical success as a welcomed side effect. However, none of the team will be complaining about winning by such a landslide.


Jeff Lewis has been mentored by tennis teaching greats. He began tennis as a teen under the tutelage of Steve Smith. Steve developed and directed the first two-year degree program for tennis teachers in the US. In addition to producing some of the best tennis teachers in the business he has developed numerous college and world ranked players himself. Jeff attributes his professionalism and skill developing players mainly to Steve.

“Jeff has an abundance of tennis information and diversified experience to share. Most importantly he is committed to helping kids get better at tennis.” - Steve Smith

Through Steve’s tutelage Jeff was able to play Division 1 college tennis as well as club tennis in Germany after only having played tennis a short time.

Jeff has also spent many hours along side Vic Braden. Braden is a world renowned author and speaker who is recognized as having had a major effect on the sport of tennis. His fact-based information based on years of research was and still is way ahead of its time. Most recently Vic has studied professional players in real match play using APAS, a software that quantifies biomechanics. Jeff believes that the information he obtained from Vic and his research is at another level from anything else being presented.

“Jeff’s extensive knowledge of tennis, interest in research and ability to relay that information make him a rare asset to the game.” - Vic Braden

Additionally Jeff has taught tennis in over 10 different countries to players of all levels. His main passion remains to instill in others “love for the greatest lifetime sport available”.


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