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The HPA Fund

Passion • Possibilities • Participation
We all have a passion for HPA and we know the incredible possibilities our school creates for our students. With your participation, we all join together to ensure the HPA experience is accessible and available for our students!

What is The HPA Fund?
The HPA Fund, previously known as the Annual Fund, is an opportunity for alumni, parents, grandparents and friends to provide financial support, each and every year, to HPA for programs, activities and development opportunities that are not covered by tuition alone. Building our community's support through The HPA Fund is a collective effort. Please join us in providing support at whatever level is comfortable for you.

Why are all of our expenses not covered by tuition?
With the financial support of The HPA Fund, we are able to remain competitive and accessible for students across Hawai’i and around the globe. While tuition meets the greatest portion of our operating budget, you may be interested to learn that it covers only 80% of the cost of each student's complete HPA experience. HPA's annual fund currently accounts for 2 percent of our budget. The most agile and forward-moving programs depend on funds that provide for 10% of the budget.

Your participation matters. Really.
The HPA Fund is an opportunity to stay connected with HPA and to ensure students have their own unique and memorable HPA experience. All gifts are 100% tax deductible (documentation will be provided).

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Some Other Ways the HPA Fund Makes a Difference:

The HPA Fund makes it possible for students to utilize image recognition software to develop a turtle based recognition algorithm so that individual turtles can be identified from the images taken. Students use this software to assess the population status of green turtles in certain areas along the west coast of the Big Island.

The HPA Fund makes it possible for students to create a bionic prosthetic hand that will be made of 3D Printed Material, giving the user complete mobility of all fingers and joints in the biohand.

The HPA Fund makes it possible to purchase new computers for students to use at the libraries, energy lab, computer lab, and dormitories.

The HPA Fund makes it possible for our middle school students to capture the beauty of their surroundings through writing, photography, and other multimedia.

The HPA Fund makes it possible for our Village Campus garden to grow, ensuring that a love for nature starts early within our children.

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