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Why We Give

HPA's faculty and alumni are among our biggest supporters and best ambassadors. Their confidence and pride in HPA is especially meaningful, and their reasons for giving to the Annual Fund are illuminating.

Harmony Graziano ’15; Columbia University ‘19
“HPA has given me countless gifts: education, friendship, experience, mentorship, and - above all else - love. This school is my home, and I know many others would agree. Students from all over the world thrive at HPA because the community is built on the foundation of both acceptance and excellence - a truly winning combination. HPA is an experience of a lifetime, an opportunity truly unparalleled; I hope everyone gets the chance to love it as much as I do.”

Jordan Hayslip, Art Teacher/Football Coach/Baseball Coach

“I give to the annual fund because I believe in what we’re doing here. HPA is not just my workplace – it is my home. This community nourishes my sons and my students. It is a place of exceptional beauty: a place for creativity to flourish, and a place for young people to learn how to find their place in the world. Giving to the annual fund is not just a routine for me -- it is an opportunity for me to ensure the future of this exceptional place. I hope you will consider doing the same.”

Alexandro Siordia, ’14; Boston University ‘18

“Giving to the HPA annual fund is, for me, a great privilege. I am so grateful for my four years there. I will always be a part of the HPA ′ohana, and giving to the annual fund is one way for me to express my gratitude and my sense of belonging.”

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