Parent Directory Opt-Out Instructions

HPA shares parent contact information with other HPA parents via the Parent Directory. Should you wish to opt-out of being included in this directory, you can do this by following the directions below.

Instructions for controlling what contact information is shared in the parent directory for your family:

Help image highlighting the family access module button
  1. On the HPA website, go to the Parent Portal page,, to log in. Note: this page is also reachable from the homepage by hovering over “Community” at upper right and selecting “Parents”.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the “Family Access Module” on the far left of your screen.

  3. You will now have access to the Family Access Module. Click on “Household”, located on the left side of the screen.

  4. In the Household section, you will see several options to “opt-out” of publishing your information.

    Please notice the top right check box for “Please exclude family from directory”. If you check off this box it will remove any mention of your child or family from the directory whatsoever, even names.

    A helpful image highlighting the %22Household%22 link in the Family Access Module

    If you leave the box  “Please exclude family from directory,” unchecked then your family’s names will appear and your child’s grade. Additionally, you can manage what pieces of additional contact information are or are not published.

    For example, if you want to list your home phone number but not your home address, you would check the box near “Household” that says “Do not publish address”, and uncheck the box near Phone that says “DNP”. (DNP stands for “Do Not Publish”.)

    If you notice any of your contact information needs updating, you can also accomplish that at this time by editing it.

  5. Please also indicate your preferences for Parent A and Parent B on those sections. If you are a two-parent household, you may choose to share different contact information for one parent versus the other.

    Image highlighting the areas where parents should opt-in to directory

    To make adjustments in this section, first, make sure that the checkbox at the top “Please exclude family from directory,” is unchecked.

  6. When you have finished the opt-out process, including completing the update to the Household tab, Parent A tab, and Parent B tab, please click Submit.

    Helpful image highlighting areas where specific contact information can be excluded from directory