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One of HPA’s most distinguished programs is our Outdoor Program, a facet of the school that provides students with adventures specifically tailored to the Hawai'i Island landscape. Whether it’s reforesting trees on the slopes of Mauna Kea or trekking through the streams and mountains of Waimanu, our students work to build experiences outdoors while sustaining the land around them.

Video envisioned, directed, and produced by HPA students.

Led by the Adventure Club, excursions take students into the valleys of Waipi‘o or on the cliffs of Volcano National Park, scuba diving in Puako or (parasailing) in Kailua-Kona. The ethos of the Outdoor Program is to protect the environment, practice sustainable behavior, and educate students, in turn fostering a global appreciation of nature within our island community.

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We provide learning and growing opportunities for students that extend beyond the classroom. Exposing students to diverse outdoor activities and environments, fosters lifelong stewards of our natural world.

Our program reinforces HPA’s commitment to creating strong and resilient students invested in the community, and promotes challenges that reinforce teamwork and leadership among participants. Whether backpacking to remote valleys, or planting more than 900 native mamane trees on Mauna Kea, our students develop a strong appreciation and respect for the land and each other.

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