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Living in the Land of 11 Ecosystems: A Guide to HPA's Residential Life Community

By Amber Rogers '16 from concept to creation

Look out the window. The island. The green. The land of diverse cultures below you. Step off the plane and you are in Hawai’i. These islands bring together a history, cultures, a family all into one place. A true representation of all of this is in Waimea.

I look around and see differences. Uniqueness. Diversity. What am I looking at? Hawai’i Preparatory Academy (HPA). Walking across campus makes me feel connected to the world. This school is overflowing with culture and creativity. The residential life program is where you see this international mixing pot, and the dorms charged with stirring the students and cultures together.

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Marin Young '17, Michigan

Life in Haiku Form

Comfort can be found within
new relationships

Endless Sleepovers
The year moves in time-lapse
Forever a home

Good morning sunshine
Bright eyed and bushy tailed
The hours fly by

Chris Rowe '16, Jamaica

Seeking Adventure in Q&A form

Q: Describe the residential life community in one word.
(If you can put that into 1 word great, if not, I just coined a new word.
Q: What do you bring to HPA?
A: A warm heart and a language barrier with my thick Jamaican accent.
Q: How has being a boarder prepared you for college and life beyond?
A: This was my first time away from home and it was for a year. It taught me perseverance and how to deal with problems. #nevergiveup
Q: What facilitates bonding within our residential life community?
The trips that Adventure club takes us on. All types of people get the chance to look up from their phones and actually engage in socialization.

Taylor Gage '15, California

Embracing Individuality Through Art
“Being in the dorms and a part of a community allows me to truly embrace my individuality as an artist and a person. In the dorm I have never once felt pressure to be the same as anyone else, because we know that we are all so different in every way.

I express my individual personality through art- and have developed a particular style focused on people. In a way I feel like my obsession with drawing and painting people, is in part because I’ve been immersed in a community full of so many interesting and unique personalities, of people from every walk of life. It has inspired me to represent faces in equally unique perspectives and styles..”