Residence Halls

Carter Hall


Carter Hall is an all-female residence hall, housing up to 60 students in grades 9-12. The dorm is comprised of four separate halls with four live-in faculty families. From Kona to Kazakhstan, the ladies of Carter Hall represent a beautiful diversity of thought, outlook, and experience. This diversity has enabled sometimes unlikely friendships, cultural exchange, and the broadening of minds. Bonding activities such as dorm snacks, movie nights, yoga sessions, and bonfire s’mores are scheduled on a regular basis. Under the direction of dorm head Ms. Sara Toga, Carter dorm parents are always available to offer support, advice, and assistance. 

Perry-Fiske Hall

Perry-Fiske Hall is an all-male residence hall housing up to 70 students in grades 10-12. The dorm is comprised of four separate halls with four live-in faculty families. Dr. Mark Ravaglia serves as the dorm head for the cohort of Perry-Fiske faculty. Perry-Fiske Hall is a supportive and enriching community that brings residents together. From ping-pong in the commons, to late nights and early mornings with the books, this hall represents a convergence of countless countries, cultures, and causes that form a great environment for boys on their way to becoming men.

Robertson Hall

Robertson Hall is a co-ed residence hall housing 36 female students in Grades 10-12 in two halls, with a separate wing for up to 15 males students, most of whom are in Grade 9. Three live-in faculty families, including dorm head Mr. Hamilton Ford '05, lead the team of Robertson dorm parents. Being the only co-ed dorm, Robertson has a culture all its own, but everyone works together to create a sense of family where everyone is accepted. Special activities in Robertson include celebrating birthdays, roasting marshmallows in the fireplace, having dorm barbeques, and other bonding activities.



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