Why Boarding

For boarding students, Hawai'i Preparatory Academy (HPA) is not merely an academic institution - it is a home. Faculty and staff are not only educators, but parents and mentors, and students are not only friends, but family members.
The HPA boarding community is just that - a community. With a population comprising nearly half of the total student population, the boarding community is one of the most fundamental, integral aspects of HPA. The students who board at HPA come from around the world and experience diverse cultural exchange and expression on a daily basis. They form deep, meaningful relationships, develop awareness of global issues, and recognize their responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society at local, national, and international levels.

By creating a structure that serves to foster living and studying habits for the future, the residential faculty members works tirelessly to ensure that the dorm environment is as close to home as a high school campus can get. Our students are provided with the opportunities, resources, and support for academic success, community involvement, leadership development, and freedom of expression in the spirit of mutual respect. They are encouraged to become engaged and active citizens by understanding how an individualʼs thoughts, values, beliefs, statements, and actions affect the people with whom they live.

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