Student Storytelling

These are the stories envisioned and told by the students of HPA. This is the showcase of their creativity, leadership, and sense of wonder. This is our version of STUDENT WORK. Join this cohort of innovators and producers

Mixed Videos

Ka Makani Podcasts

This series is an effort to create podcasts designed for the youth of the modern age. We focus on designing these podcasts to capture a human story in as short a time as possible. There is real power in audio, it is storytelling in its most basic form. We create and produce these podcasts with the knowledge learned from our own research and through action. This project is a comprehensive learning experience into not only journalism but also audio editing and acoustic engineering, writing, and team management.

By: Jackson Evans & Asa Twigg-Smith
In this podcast HPA faculty member Jerry Bleckel speaks about overcoming cancer and how that impacted his view on life.

Behind The Scenes Learning Lessons:
I positioned Mr. Bleckel in our recording studio using the Zoom microphone. Without a preliminary sound check, I dove right in, not realizing the tiny bit of voice crackle that was coming from the mic.

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As I found my competitive swimming journey coming to an end, I realized there were many key factors of why, I had lost my motivation for it. I still love the sport and my team But swimming back and forth in a pool everyday for two hours began to wear on me. My drive for the sport I had so long been committed too began to leave, and that's okay. However many of my friends who have been swimming twice as long as I have, are still absolutely in love with the sport. I thought to myself “How?” I want to understand how people are committed to something. How they can devote so much of their lives to a sport, an art or even just a school subject. What is the human drive? How does it vary between individuals? What are those individuals struggles and victories? I plan to find all of this as I research what makes someone DRIVEN.

- Michael Duggan '17

Taste of Tawn

Tania Dupont, class of 2017, brings a different approach to storytelling. With food being, as Tania states "unequivocally, undoubtedly consistent in all societies", she attempts to use food as a medium to tell stories. With sustainability and protecting our environment being powerful examples of Tania's impactful passions, she says "Through storytelling, I intend to reshape the school’s culture in regard to a holistic environmental awareness that is being cultivated by the students".
" When communities pay closer attention to where our food is grown and how it reaches our table, and people re-discover the “localness” of all that’s around them, food suddenly has a sense of place. Farmers and consumers build close relationships, strengthening their local economies and forging new cultural identities for their communities … all based on food."

- Basket Stories, by Tania Dupont.

HPA Student Blogs

Sidney Vermeulen, class of 2017, attempts to tell HPA's story through those who live in the story everyday, the student body. As Sidney prepares herself to leave HPA and head to MIT, she says about the website, "I leave behind this blog site, both as an attempt to pass my 8th semester of required english class, and in hopes of creating something meaningful behind at HPA. Hopefully it is meaningful, and even more hopefully, someone sees the value in this project, and helps to add their own flair and voice to HPA's blogs."

"Here at HPA, one of the things we try to highlight is our student body. By creating student blogs, we can highlight the stories of our students through first person accounts. This will allow us to capture some of the hidden moments at HPA, and allow new and prospective students to get a taste of the HPA community online."

- Sidney Vermeulen
Creator of the HPA Student Blog Website