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Get a glimpse at the lives of HPA boarding students. Their cultures, experiences and sentiment of where they come from can be found in the pages below. Explore and imagine yourself at each location, finding travel guides at the conclusion of each article.

Dylan Ngango

Dylan Ngango is enchanted by the architecture of Paris. The grand buildings surrounding him bring back memories of his childhood days, playing basketball through the streets and exploring with his friends. It is one of the many reasons he is excited to go back to Paris upon completion of his education at HPA.

“Who wouldn’t want to go to school in Hawaii?” Dylan says upon reflection. He wanted a better education, and while exploring boarding schools across the US, HPA sounded like the best option.

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Sabrina Marvin

With age comes independence and individuality. Boarding her flight to the Big Island, Sabrina Marvin was ready to experience these things, as she had never left home before. She was nervous, but knew the HPA outdoor program would be a new adventure filled with meeting new people. The program exceeded her expectation: she had a month of adventure filled bonding time with a “new family.” She decided to come to HPA as a student to expand her independence.

Coming from Kauai, Sabrina knows all about island life. Hawaii is special, though. The diversity here expands past its ecosystems: HPA fosters cultural and spiritual diversity as well. She has grown a greater world perspective.

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Alicia Chow

Alicia’s favorite thing about Beijing is “walking home from school in autumn, seeing the trees change color… and going to bed with the city lights beneath." During Chinese new year she eats dumplings and watches entertainment specials on the TV. They would brace the cold air and light fireworks in the streets, laughing and enjoying the colors and sounds of the streets. She misses the busy culture and exciting lifestyle, yet the "quieter and laid back" Hawaiian lifestyle nourishes a rigorous study environment.

Tereza Kanalosova

On her way to smashing all of the HPA swimming records, Tereza Kanalosova is truly a star in the HPA community. She decided to leave her home in the Czech Republic to embark on the journey of a lifetime to find an environment conducive to her dreams, which the rigorous Academy Swim Club offers her.

Czech is perfect for both the explorer as well as the shopper, here are some of Tereza's favorite spots.

Dibuk Seid

A rechad er Belau sel le bo er a chei, sel luut el mera beluu eng diak el dil lomdasu er tir.

Waking up on a beautiful and sunny Palauan morning, Buki was ready to reform her community. She had been walking through the streets of her hometown and had an epiphany; her struggling community needed help. Just days before, parts of her school had been burned down by youth "who had hung a green scarf on the flagpole indicating their gang.” Teachers quit, the principal was scrutinized, and Buki felt as though her education was going downhill when her English teacher “tried teaching English in Palauan, which obviously didn’t work.”