Beijing to Waimea

Footsteps eventually create paths for future generations to follow. Alicia Chow is following in her father’s footsteps, creating a large impact on the community of HPA. Coming from Beijing, the natural landscape of Hawaii was a big change from the bustling city center, but the change was refreshing in a sense. Her father knew that Hawaii Preparatory would to kickstart her educational goals and nourish both a sense of global citizenship along with a high intensity education.

Alicia’s favorite thing about Beijing is “walking home from school in autumn, seeing the trees change color… and going to bed with the city lights beneath." During Chinese new year she eats dumplings and watches entertainment specials on the TV. They would brace the cold air and light fireworks in the streets, laughing and enjoying the colors and sounds of the streets. She misses the busy culture and exciting lifestyle, yet the "quieter and laid back" Hawaiian lifestyle nourishes a rigorous study environment.

Even though she loves Beijing, Alicia wants to form a career in the US, working on novel writing and indulging in the sciences. The US provides the opportunity to share her opinions on the things going on around her.


798 Art District

This decommissioned military factory home to Beijing's contemporary art community. Displays are intriguing and complex.

The Village at Sanlitun

Upscale shopping center with modern vibe.

Jingshan Park

Formerly a private imperial garden, this Ming Dynasty monument is perfect for history and architecture fanatics.


Shopping center that will immerse you in the Chinese culture.