Dylan Ngango

Dylan Ngango is enchanted by the architecture of Paris. The grand buildings surrounding him bring back memories of his childhood days, playing basketball through the streets and exploring with his friends. It is one of the many reasons he is excited to go back to Paris upon completion of his education at HPA.

“Who wouldn’t want to go to school in Hawaii?” Dylan says upon reflection. He wanted a better education, and while exploring boarding schools across the US, HPA sounded like the best option.

Currently Dylan spends his time in the gym, shooting free throws and running layups. Basketball gives him great joy and is something he plans to do for a long time. Regarding his academics here at HPA, he is currently enrolled in Economics Honors with Ms. White, enhancing his financial knowledge to hopefully be used with the United Nations.

Places to See In Paris, France

Pont Neuf

The oldest standing bridge, elegantly spread across the Seine river in Paris. A beautiful spot to take in the architecture of the surrounding city.


"The worlds most beautiful avenue," according to the Parisians, also another great place to take in the architecture and wonder of the Parisian streets.

Galleries Lafayette

Amazing shopping in an even more amazing building.


The world's largest museum - a must see.

Phrases to Know

Hello - Bonjour

Thank You - Merci

Do you speak English? - Parlez-vous anglais ?

I don't understand - Je ne comprends pas

Let's go!Allons-y

I am looking for - Je cherche