Sabrina Marvin

With age comes independence and individuality. Boarding her flight to the Big Island, Sabrina Marvin was ready to experience these things, as she had never left home before. She was nervous, but knew the HPA outdoor program would be a new adventure filled with meeting new people. The program exceeded her expectation: she had a month of adventure filled bonding time with a “new family.” She decided to come to HPA as a student to expand her independence.

Coming from Kauai, Sabrina knows all about island life. Hawaii is special, though. The diversity here expands past its ecosystems: HPA fosters cultural and spiritual diversity as well. She has grown a greater world perspective.

Freshman and Sophomore year was a time of growth, both in friendship and knowledge. As each year passed, however, friends seemed to come and go. International students often only stay one year, as they must return to their own education. Sabrina quickly realized that “a goodbye is never truly goodbye.” She has created a community of friends spanning across the globe, one that “continues on for the rest of our lives.” Sabrina plans to travel the world visiting each person she connected with.

Places to see in Kauai

Queen’s Bath: a natural pool of salt water to swim in and enjoy. When the waves are small, you get a thrill from the push back and forth.

Na Pali Coast: Arguably the most incredible hike on the islands.

Waialua Falls: 83 foot waterfall, which is featured in the opening credits on the television show Fantasy Island. Obviously, it looks quite like a fantasy land.

Hanalei Bay Pizzeria: Delicious pizza made with hand-tossed dough and local ingredients.