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Ka Makani Podcasts

This series is an effort to create podcasts designed for the youth of the modern age. We focus on designing these podcasts to capture a human story in as short a time as possible. There is real power in audio, it is storytelling in its most basic form. We create and produce these podcasts with the knowledge learned from our own research and through action. This project is a comprehensive learning experience into not only journalism but also audio editing and acoustic engineering, writing, and team management.

An Innovation that Saves Lives, One Tackle At a Time
HPA Alumnus Elliot Kastner '09 sat down with us to talk about his own startup invention the Mobile Virtual Player.

Behind the Scenes Learning Lessons:
This was our first interview which we completed in the Energy Lab conference room without soundproofing. This interview was about forty minutes long and being the first podcast I edited, it was difficult to cut out 30+ minutes of the interview.
Breaking Good: Teacher Jerry Bleckel's Lessons After Cancer
In this podcast HPA faculty member Jerry Bleckel speaks about overcoming cancer and how that impacted his view on life.

Behind The Scenes Learning Lessons:
I positioned Mr. Bleckel in our recording studio using the Zoom microphone. Without a preliminary sound check, I dove right in, not realizing the tiny bit of voice crackle that was coming from the mic.
Breaking Through the Glaze: Fred Barbash of the Washington Post
Not often does a high schooler have the opportunity to chat with one of the biggest names in journalism. So when Mr. Schorn said we had the opportunity to have that conversation with Fred Barbash we jumped and minutes later we were in the studio.

Barbash is the creator and editor of the Washington Post's Morning Mix and a former National Editor and London Bureau Chief for the Washington Post, He has also worked for Politico, Reuters, and the Congressional Quarterly, and 6 weeks a year he co-teaches Digital Journalism in person at HPA.

In the conversation with Mr. Barbash I found a story about his love for journalism and why he wants to share that experience with students.

Behind the Scenes Learning Lessons

This podcast was the first we recorded in our recording studio that we had installed sound panels after we used acoustic testing software Fuzzmeasure. We used two Zoom microphones to record, one aimed at each of us directly. This method highlighted how vital microphone placement is when recording.
Global Citizenship in Action: Meet Dibuk Seid '17, an HPA Student Who Created an NGO From Her Dorm Room
Bringing you another hidden gem from the lives of your peers, this is Millena Dibuk Seid. Better known as “Buki”, this wonder woman is running her own nonprofit from her dorm room in Robertsons Dorm. We're looking for first for the why, as well as the who, what, when, and where, behind Buki’s incredible sense of service.

Buki hails from the small pacific island of Palau. In our community she has given her home nation broad recognition through her openness sharing her culture with us. However, Buki is just as shaped by other cultures as she is her own, truly making her a global citizen.

Behind the Scenes Learning Lessons

This podcast happened early in our learning experience. We recorded in a less acoustically proofed room and thus had to work harder to improve the sound in post processing. This was an opportunity for us to learn about audio fidelity and editing. As we edited and continued to process we lost the natural sound in the recording.
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