Student Led Research

Research: the big scary topic that only those crazy enough to pursue a five year phd program won’t even have to worry about for years, not until they’ve finished college at least, right? To many of the students here, that statement couldn’t be more false. Here, the ambitions of the students collide with HPA’s expert mentors enabling technologies that you can’t even find in many colleges. From projects that supplement their biology class work, to the field of neuroscience that a no high school offers, students are pursuing any research that they have a passion for. Currently there are ? projects being explored by ? students, mostly under the roof of the energy lab, where access to professional mentors and other students to collaborate with are abundant.


With EEG’s, virtual reality, aerial drones, and just about every other technological innovation of the recent decade, it’s no wonder these eager future scientists seem so limitless


Who says research is just for scientists? These students are studying everything from poetry to the Oboe. These philosophers and architects are designing the courses that fit them.


Project management, research, meetings, and praxis. You would think these students were running their own business the way they craft, coordinate, and deliver these products.