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New Outdoor Learning Spaces
With the incredible help of T. J. Kalaniopio and Brad Samura from HPA Maintenance, alumni Alex Woodbury '96, owner of Kamuela Hardwoods, along with the entire class of 2021, three new outside learning spaces have been completed and are ready for use!

Science Research

Research: the big scary topic that only those crazy enough to pursue a five year phd program won’t even have to worry about for years, not until they’ve finished college at least, right? To many of the students here, that statement couldn’t be more false. Here, the ambitions of the students collide with HPA’s expert mentors and enabling technologies that you can’t even find in many colleges. From projects that explore neuroscience through brain scanning technologies, to engineering challenges that use robotics to solve biomedical problems, students are pursuing any type of research that intrigues them now that can’t wait until college.