Student Activities

The HPA community connects with its Hawai'i Island home through a myriad of on- and off-campus activities. Dedicated to service, education, or recreation, activities are geared primarily toward boarding students looking to enrich their weekend agendas. Activities can be an hour or a week long; they can take place five minutes off campus or on another Hawaiian island; they can involve ten, fifty, or a hundred students. Activities at HPA are incredibly formative because they offer an opportunity for students to engage a special interest, a new peer group, or the illustrious Hawai'i Island landscape. Inspired by tradition and enacted with joy, activities are opportunities for growth treasured by the HPA community.

Activities can be dorm-wide, grade-wide, or school-wide offerings. Most are organized through Participate, the Upper School activities and outreach program, and our Outdoor Program, a facet of the school that provides students with adventures specifically tailored to the Hawai‘i island landscape, while various school clubs sponsor and manage activities in their area of interest. Activities vary each weekend, and sign-ups are limited by space.

Some past favorite activities have included:

  • Roasting marshmallows and making s’mores at the fire pit on Anna's Field.
  • Bi-annual movie marathons.
  • Weekly farmers market trips.
  • Picking kalo from a lo‘i patch with the Hawaiian Language and Environmental Literature classes in Waipi‘o Valley.
  • Camping at Kiholo Bay and watching the hone (turtles) swim in the shallow brackish ponds.
  • Marching with the HPA community float in the annual Paniolo Parade, chanting oli komo and handing out pencils to the keiki (children).
  • Hiking nine miles into the historic Waimanu Valley and camping for a weekend, learning “Leave No Trace” environmental responsibility guidelines from the Adventure Club advisor.
  • Watching manta rays on a nighttime scuba dive on the Kohala Coast.
  • Listening to peers sing acoustic renditions of popular music at the quarterly Lava Lounge open mic night.
  • Star-gazing photography from the slopes of Mauna Kea.

    Watch student captured footage of a Mauna Kea sunrise below

Video envisioned, directed, and produced by HPA students.