Student Support

Counseling Services


HPA flourishes as a community when its members are at their physical, mental, nutritional and emotional best and provides support to those who may be struggling. The Upper Campus employs two full-time counselors available to students during the academic day. Located in the Counseling Center just outside the dining hall, the counselors offer great insight into the needs of high school students and lend support to those with intra- or inter-personal issues. The Counseling Center’s warm, inviting environment and access to off-campus professionals marks it as a great resource for students seeking assistance in their lives.

Mrs. Tiffany Freitas holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has worked in schools and non-profit organizations in Hawaiʻi since 2007. (; 808-881-4038)

Steve Furchner holds a master’s degree in special education and has been at HPA since 2007. He currently works as part of the residential life program and teaches a World Religions course. (; 808-881-4084)

Student Support Team

On a weekly basis Mrs. Freitas and Mr. Furchner meet with a Student Support Team, comprised of nurses, residential faculty, our Learning Specialist, our Dean of Student Life, and our Dean of Citizenship, to identify students that may be struggling and to assess how to better help and support them. This weekly meeting enables us to maintain a pulse on the student body as a whole, while creating support strategies as a team.

Chapel Program

The Chapel Program is designed to provide a retreat from the busy schedule that our students keep. Our community comes together once a month in Davies Chapel - a beautiful and peaceful building designed by architect Vladimir Ossipoff in 1966. Our Chapel Program usually carries a theme throughout the year, featuring guests, faculty, staff, and student speakers. Our program recognizes the rich spiritual backgrounds of our student body, while honoring the Episcopalian heritage of the school. Past themes have included service, aloha, and gratitude.


Health Services

Health Services is made up of a team of nurses that work in the infirmary on campus. Our nurses provide a number of critical services including, running a fully stocked infirmary with sick rooms and beds, dispensing medications and over the counter drugs, arranging appointments with specialists and visiting physicians, and assisting with medical emergencies. For boarding students, our nurses make evening rounds in the residence halls to check on sick or injured students and to dispense medications. There is also a nurse on call 24-7 to respond, if needed. Two of our nurses live on campus and are readily available.

Although Health Services is always available to treat and care for our students, we believe the best way to stay healthy is taking a proactive and preventative approach. We stress the importance of getting the proper amount of sleep, nutrition, and exercise - all of which are conducive to student success and growth. Students hear from staff and other guest speakers about different health and wellness topics throughout the year and are encouraged to put this information to good use by developing healthy habits. (; 808-881-4022)



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