Health Services and Student Support

As a new HPA student you will soon find yourself immersed in a myriad of academic, co-curricular, and social activities. We want you to be in peak physical and mental health to enjoy the many opportunities available to you!

Health Services
The Health Services team is made up of nurses that work in the infirmary on campus. Our nurses provide a number of critical services: running a fully stocked infirmary with sick rooms and beds, dispensing medications and over the counter drugs, arranging appointments with specialists and visiting physicians, and assisting with medical emergencies. For boarding students, nurses make evening rounds in the residence halls to check on sick or injured students and to dispense medications. There is also a nurse on call 24-7 to respond, if needed.

By now you should have received the medical forms needed for completing your registration. If you haven’t done so already, please send in your current insurance information, physical exam form, and the health information and authorization form. Please contact with any questions.

Counseling Services
The Upper School has two counselors, who serve as sources of support and guidance for the entire student body. They assist in the overall success and well-being of every student and help each one realize their full potential. Although students are not assigned a counselor, the counseling center is open to everyone and students can meet with either counselor at any time.

Learn more about our nurses, counselors and support and wellness programs