Summer Reading 2017

Welcome to Summer Work 2017!

Click on the link for the Modern Language Department to access to course level language placement tests. You will then need to follow 3 additional steps:

1. Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to provide an invitation code for access to the departmental pages.THE CODE IS THE SAME FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS: SUM17

2. After inputting the SUM17 code you will be taken to a department overview page . Please click on the "Student button" near the bottom left.
3. Lastly, you will be taken to a page where you will enter your student login credentials in the Google Apps account area. Please see a screenshot; note the Google Apps login is on the left.

For summer work questions and Modern Language Placement Test questions, please email the appropriate department chair:

English: Corey Humphrey
Fine Arts: Ari Bernstein
Math: Mark Ravaglia
Modern Language: Rika Inaba
Science: Greg McKenna
Social Studies: John Kilkenny

Have a great summer!

English Department

Connect to the HPA English Department summer work page


Connect to the HPA Math Department summer work page


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Connect to the Social Studies Department summer work page


Connect to the Haiku Modern Language Department summer work page.