English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Summer at HPA, June 25 - July 20, 2018

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program offers three levels of instruction – beginning, intermediate, and advanced. A placement screening will be administered on the first day of summer session to determine level placement.

The Beginning program is an introduction to English and offers communication practice. The Intermediate program is for students who have a strong base in English grammar and provides more extensive practice using the language for communication. Students entering at the Advanced level might be ready to take mainstream classes in English.

EAL classes are offered during the morning periods. Students attend two two-hour classes. The first period class, from 8 to 10 a.m., focuses on reading and writing skills. The second period class, from 10 a.m. to noon, focuses on listening and speaking skills.

Vocabulary development is the primary focus of EAL classes. Grammar lessons are included in the context of the unit themes. During the first period, students practice learning and communicating in English primarily through reading and writing activities. They develop skills through grammar exercises, reading assignments, and the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising and editing.

During the second period class, students practice learning and communicating in English through listening and speaking activities. In addition to classroom learning, students have the opportunity to practice their skills outside of the classroom by interacting with the community. Students will gain confidence and improve their oral fluency, develop pronunciation, and voice projection.

Students will select one elective class for the afternoon period, 1–3 p.m

Afternoon Classes

Photography: Capture the Big Island

Grades 6-12

Dive into your passion for photography as you find inspiration amid the rolling hills of the Kohala Mountains, the crystal clear water of Hapuna Beach, and the rainbow of colors of Hawai'i Island! Under the guidance of a professional photographer, students gain a basic understanding of techniques such as angling, centering, framing and exposure. Together we’ll capture candid shots to create a yearbook of summer memories and personal projects the students will carry with them long after their tans have faded.

Required: To participate in this class students must have their own digital camera and USB cable or memory card reader.

Ceramics: Making Meaning, Making Fun

Grades 6-8

From pinch pots to plates, along with portraits of our pets and people clay responds to our touch and technique. Student-artists will explore the tactile, responsive nature of this magical material while learning how to hand-build using techniques of coil and slab-building to create sculptural forms that are meaningful to them. Learning to throw on the wheel is challenging and also satisfying. Considering classic cultural traditions from around the world the vessel becomes one more place to access the wonder of making objects in clay. Come join us. We’ll muck about and make fun.

Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Food

Grades 6-12

Students will interactively prepare different foods and learn what is happening on a molecular. Students will make predictions— for example, what happens to make bread rise? Do all flours work the same in bread and why or why not. Why do egg whites get fluffy when you beat them and why doesn’t that happen to egg yolks? Why does puff pastry have to cook at 400 degrees? What happens when you brine a piece of meat, or ferment cabbage to make sauerkraut?


Grades 6-12

In this course, students will build robots, control these robots through code and then use the robots to complete programmed functions. Teacher led introductory sessions will progress to small group, project-based efforts which will test the students' understanding and perseverance. Students will learn to think like a computer scientist, with a strong emphasis on problem solving. Additionally, collaborative skills will be developed to enhance team efforts needed to successfully compete with other groups.

Musical Theater Performance

Grades 6-12

Back by popular demand -The 20 Minute Musical! Last summer’s mini production of Annie was a blast for the performers and a treat for our end of summer talent show audience. In this class we will choose a popular musical based on the number of students we have. We will select highlights from that musical creating a fun, fast paced performance that we will rehearse and prepare for our final performance night. As we rehearse we will be working on our improv, acting, singing, and choreography skills. You don’t need to have experience performing to enjoy this class. If you’ve never been on stage before, this class is a perfect opportunity to discover and explore this exciting art from, and if you’re already a pro we need your awesome skills to make our show amazing!



Cost: Included with boarding tuition, day students: $225

The intramural sports program promotes healthy competition, physical fitness, sportsmanship, and fun. The program consists of a rotating schedule that might include softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, or a number of other field activities and sports.

Horseback Riding

Cost: Day and boarding students $600

In the Summer@HPA Horseback Riding course students will learn proper grooming and tacking procedures and will gain a working knowledge of aides and mechanics involved when riding English. Instruction in equitation, trail riding, horse care, and maintenance is stressed.

Tennis Instruction

Cost: Day and boarding students $450

Summer@HPA Tennis course is designed to accommodate all players’ abilities. Students will become privy to the latest tennis research and learn how physical laws and court dimensions dictate FUNdamentals. Students will have the option of having their essential strokes filmed in high speed. Come learn, laugh and improve at the Rutgers Tennis Center Summer@HPA Tennis Program.

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